New Jersey Naturalization

Administrative and Federal Court Challenges

The law firm of Thomas E. Moseley in Newark, New Jersey, and New York successfully, effectively and efficiently provides legal services for such cases as unreasonably long delays in processing immigration applications or petitions, removal proceedings and denial of a naturalization application. Federal court immigration challenges can be very difficult and time consuming, but may be the best option if you have exhausted your administrative remedies.

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The Board of Immigration Appeals may improperly dismiss appeals and deny motions. A decision from the board at the administrative level can be appealed to the appropriate United States Court of Appeals. Our attorneys file petitions for review and work hard to protect your best interests and your right to stay in the United States. In most cases we can take this to federal court and look for facts and legal errors that will help to win your case.

The Effective and Efficient Immigration Defense You Need

We will work hard to obtain for you all the federal court remedies that you are entitled to. Our lawyers are strategic litigators. We use resourceful, strategic planning to get our clients the rights they are entitled to. At times, we can settle with an agency that is doing the right thing because of federal pending litigation.

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