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If you have naturalization concerns the law firm of Thomas E. Moseley in Newark, New Jersey, and New York provides sophisticated and effective representation for such cases as citizenship matters in the United States. In nationality cases we are resourceful and creative in finding claims to U.S. citizenship. An example of this is through the investigation of a client's history, our lawyers found that a grandfather of client had been an American soldier and this qualified the client for U.S. citizenship.

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We are dedicated and diligent in researching any tie that will allow our clients to stay in the United States. This is especially important when a client is in removal proceedings. We are strong legal advocates who are able to make a good case for you to stay in America through our research into relevant historical facts that are related to U.S. citizenship.

New York Nationality Criminal Questions Lawyer

Naturalization and immigration law are very technical in nature and procedural, which makes it important to consult a skilled and dedicated immigration attorney with your nationality criminal law questions. Our attorneys are dogged researchers who leave no stone unturned in their efforts to help you remain in the United States.

Our lawyers will investigate situations such as when your naturalization application has been pending for a long time. We will advise you on what can be done to expedite the process. We will explain federal court remedies and help you correct any defects in naturalization applications.

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