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Newark Immigration Tax Fraud Attorney

The law firm of Thomas E. Moseley successfully, effectively and efficiently handles immigration cases involving sexual abuse and white collar crimes such as tax fraud and securities violations. We have extensive experience and special expertise in defending clients facing deportation for charges of tax fraud, securities violations and sexual abuse.

Call us at 973-943-4602 or submit the online form on this website to schedule an appointment at no charge to review the facts of your case and your options under the law, and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you and will provide the individual attention and personalized service that you deserve.

We are resourceful and creative problem solvers who can structure a plea in such a manner as to best avoid the possibility of deportation. In sexual abuse cases, we try to structure the plea in a way that takes you out of the deportable category. If that is not possible, we will determine if there is any other relief that can be granted.

Our attorneys have developed an expertise in defending clients against extradition proceedings. This is a less common area of the law in which to practice, but we have been very successful at protecting our clients from extradition.

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