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The law firm of Thomas E. Moseley in Newark, New Jersey, and New York, successfully, effectively and efficiently provides legal services for such cases as R-1 nonimmigrant and EB-4 special religious immigrant workers. In order to qualify for a religious worker visa, the petitioning church or organization must be an established U.S. religious nonprofit organization.

The foreign beneficiary who will perform the qualifying religious work must have been a member of the same religious denomination for at least two years before he or she can qualify for the religious worker visa. A small church or religious order can petition for the religious worker visa. Often, the beneficiary is a member of the clergy and will serve in this capacity with the petitioner. This is not always required, but special rules apply for non-clergy religious workers.

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Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys will assist you in best presenting the petitioning sponsor's qualifications, the petitioner's ability to support or pay the beneficiary, the qualified religious work, and the beneficiary's qualifications for the temporary (R-1) or immigrant (EB-4) religious worker position offered.

It is always necessary to document that the beneficiary has been a member of the petitioner's religious denomination for at least two years and is qualified to perform the work. For immigrant petitions the petitioner must establish that the beneficiary has been employed in the position offered for at least two years. The petitioner should expect that USCIS investigators will make a visit to the church or organization. They will inquire about the petitioning organization, about the beneficiary and about the duties of the position. This visit can take place without notice to counsel. Our attorneys advise clients to expect this and to be ready to show that they meet the criteria for a religious worker visa.

New York Religious Workers Visa Lawyer

There are significant restrictions on the type of work that qualifies as religious work. For example, while many religious nonprofits may need and employ a fundraiser to sustain the ministry of the institutions, such employment does not qualify as religious work unless performed by a beneficiary who is a member of a community that pronounces religious vows.

The religious worker visa is a niche that we specialize in. Attorney Maria Goetschalckx has experience in this field, which spans several religious denominations and types of petitions. These days the petition for a religious worker should be very carefully prepared, with appropriate attention to each technical detail in order to overcome the USCIS lack of understanding of religious institutions, which at times displays as an expectation that the petition is fraudulent.

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